Graphic Magazines

Magazines for graphic industry are a special part of the Robinson company’s program.

Grafička revija (Graphic Magazine) has been published for 11 years and graphic design magazine Design for 4 years. Grafička revija received an award as the best designed graphic magazine at the international convention of graphic magazine editor-in-chiefs.


Besides publishing, Robinson company specializes in organizing international congresses. Many of them have become traditional.

Bakery and Confectionery

International bakery magazines
Robinson editorial office has a special program of magazines for bakery, milling, confectionery and pastry. The magazines are published for the countries of former Yugoslavia, for Slovenia and occasionally for Hungary too. The main aim of this publishing enterprise is not only to inform, but also to create ties within the profession in those countries. 


Magazines for Gastronomy, Food and Tourism
Robinson publishing house has a special program of magazines for gastronomy. The editorial policy is based on preference for gastronomical heritage and healthy food, affirmation of gastronomy and education of the subscribers. The magazines are published for Croatia and Slovenia and in Arabic for all Arab countries.

"Tradicionalni Europski kongres slastičarstva i sladoledarstva."

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