About Us


ROBINSON Ltd. is an international publishing house, established in 1990. It publishes 14 different magazines. In 1999 it became a multinational company that publishes magazines in 6 different Central and Southeast European, as well as in Arabian countries. Some 250 editors, permanent and temporary associates, as well as eminent experts in the field of food, gastronomy, tourism, graphic industry and IT have been working on our projects. Robinson has editorial offices in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Skopje. Company head office is in Zagreb. The majority of the magazines are in the field of food industry, with bakery and milling in the lead. We also organize large international conferences and symposiums that gather great many experts and participants. These conferences have become traditional and are held in Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The conferences introduce theoretical and practical programs and are attended by major European companies. These companies are present in magazine publishing as well, not only through promotional texts, but also trough educational articles. The editorial office also specializes in organizing professional seminars, covering professional issues of interest to our subscribers and business partners. Thanks to the great number of associates and editors from almost all European countries, Robinson company has for a long time been uniting European and other countries around the topic of food, promoting new technological and other achievements in the profession